MMSA offers unique and comprehensive insight into global methanol and derivatives markets to the world's largest commercial methanol stakeholders through a variety of annual, monthly, and weekly report services. Many of these services come with direct access to MMSA staff, also a differentiator. Learn more about each service below.

MMSA also holds Global Conferences and offers Proprietary Studies.

MMSA welcomes inquiries about access to our offerings.  Some individual reports may be purchased separately.

Methanol & Derivatives Analysis (MDA)

A comprehensive, 680+ page annual analysis, with quarterly updates and Methanol Notes™ Service

Methanol Market Weekly Analysis (MMWA)

Weekly comprehensive and unique analysis of global methanol markets by global MMSA staff

China Methanol Monthly Analysis (CMMA)

Comprehensive information of key factors influencing Chinese methanol markets including coal, cost curves, methanol affordability into derivatives (including MTO), MTO markets, methanol demand, trade, and more

MMSA Price Forecast Service

MMSA offers two categories of forecasts for methanol prices (updated monthly), The Monthly Methanol Price forecast shows monthly methanol prices in key global markets 60 months prior and 14 - 28 months in the future. The complete Methanol Price Forecast includes the items above plus five prior years and five forecast years.

MMSA Supply & Demand Forecasts

Supply and Demand history and forecasts for global methanol, formaldehyde, acetic acid, MMA, and MTBE are updated at the end of each calendar quarter and are available from 2000 - 2050E.

Methanol Notes™

One-page commentaries and analysis of critical methanol and derivatives issues provided weekly.

MMSA Methanol-to-Olefins (MTO)

Detailed records of upstream and downstream MTO configurations, econometric models for each location, and more.

Methanol Vessel Tracking Analysis

Loadings, discharges, vessel sizes, forecast deliveries, historic flows, and cargo maps from this database can be made accessible.