MMSA is able to prepare bespoke studies for clients with unique needs beyond the scope of MMSA multiclient services. These range from support of methanol and methanol derivative project investment (extended price, supply/demand forecasts) to project pre-feasibility support, feasibility studies, and advanced techno-commercial advisory services such as market and technical due diligence support. MMSA has performed hundreds of these studies, which are tailored specifically with client interaction and input.

Increasingly, MMSA has been successful in supporting the development of low carbon methanol projects using an in-house expertise and database unique to the industry.

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MMSA Single Client Services:

Since 2004, MMSA has assisted clients on a one-off, proprietatary basis in a number of areas, including:

Long Term Market Outlooks (Conventional and Low Carbon Methanol)

  • Cost, Margin, and Price Forecasts
  • Delivered Cash Cost Analysis
  • Affordability Analysis

Technical and Market Due Diligence

  • Bankable
  • M&A
  • Credit
  • Loan Restructuring

Strategic Planning Support

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