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MMSA is a recognized leader in industrial analysis and techno-commercial project support, specializing in methanol with complementary expertise in energy and petrochemicals markets. Clients include major global chemical producers and consumers, global traders, energy companies, technology licensors, catalyst suppliers, shipping and storage companies, financial institutions, and other ancillary industries. MMSA also has longstanding partnerships with several other industry consultancies and experts, allowing us to broaden its value proposition to clients.

Through its several multiclient report services and hundreds of single-client projects, the company has developed a strong brand as an objective and balanced thought leader with experience and sound judgement. MMSA is also taking a central role in consulting on the low carbon transition and its impact on the methanol industry.

MMSA is privately owned and employs highly experienced chemical industry professionals, including those with significant experience in senior leadership positions in large global companies. MMSA staff are globally distributed, with full time representation in Houston, Shanghai, Tokyo, Singapore, the UK, and France. Its team comprises seasoned professionals with decades of experience in methanol including engineering, manufacturing, supply chain operations, sales and marketing, industry analysis and project services.

The firm avoids participation in the commercial side petrochemicals, neither buying, selling, trading, brokering, nor distributing products and is a trusted and reputable independent voice across the industry.

MMSA has a global view of petrochemical markets, with a unique and deep understanding of China, the growth driver and clearing market for most upstream chemicals. MMSA devotes analysis of global markets proportionately to market size.

MMSA maintains strong ties with all key stakeholders to the industry, including producers, consumers/converters, traders, distributors, process technology and catalyst suppliers, Engineering Procurement and Construction firms, transport companies, industry associations, financial services providers, and academia. Each year, with support from the International Methanol Producers and Consumers Association (IMPCA) MMSA organizes and hosts two significant industry conferences. Each November, an annual conference in Singapore is a significant gathering of companies with strong business ties in Asia and is used as the platform for annual contract negotiations in that region. Every December, the MMSA Frankfurt conference brings together companies and academics with a strong interest in technology and policy innovation.

In addition to providing balanced opinion to its broad customer base, MMSA has provided significant support to fundraising efforts for new facilities, existing assets, mergers, and acquisitions (including valuation), and other bankable studies.



MMSA offers a variety of annual, monthly, and weekly report services. Learn more about individual reporting services from the list below.


MMSA offers a wide range of services intended to provide bankable analysis for those invested in or seeking to invest in the petrochemical industry.


MMSA has organized the International Methanol Producer and Consumer Association (IMPCA) International Methanol Conference since 2006.

Industry Analysis

MMSA offers a variety of annual, monthly, and weekly report services.
Services may be viewed by selecting an item from the grid, below. Login is required for most items.
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Methanol & Derivatives Analysis (MDA)

A comprehensive, 680+ page annual analysis, with quarterly updates and Methanol Notes™ Service

Methanol Market Weekly Analysis (MMWA)

Weekly comprehensive and unique analysis of global methanol markets by global MMSA staff

China Methanol Monthly Analysis (CMMA)

Comprehensive information of key factors influencing Chinese methanol markets incl. coal, cost curves, affordability, MTO markets, demand, trade, and more

MMSA Price Forecast Service

Methanol and methanol chain database in major global markets spanning from history from 1985 to forecasts to 2050

MMSA Supply & Demand Forecasts

Supply & Demand forecasts for methanol, formaldehyde, acetic acid, MMA, DME and other methanol derivatives from 2000 - 2050E

Methanol Notes™

One-page commentaries and analysis of critical methanol and derivatives issues issued weekly

MMSA Methanol-to-Olefins (MTO) Service

Detailed records of upstream and downstream MTO configurations, econometric models for each location, and more.

Proprietary Studies
(Including Low Carbon Methanol)

MMSA is able to prepare bespoke studies for clients with unique needs beyond the scope of MMSA multiclient services. These range from support of methanol and methanol derivative project investment (extended price, supply/demand forecasts) to project pre-feasibility support, feasibility studies, and advanced techno-commercial advisory services such as market and technical due diligence support. MMSA has performed hundreds of these studies, which are tailored specifically with client interaction and input.

Increasingly, MMSA has been successful in supporting the development of low carbon methanol projects using an in-house expertise and database unique to the industry.

Please contact MMSA for specific requests.

Global Conferences

MMSA has organized the International Methanol Conference for the International Methanol Producer and Consumer Association (IMPCA) since 2006. This event attracts a broad-based set of delegates from around the world, distributed evenly between suppliers, consumers, traders, and other services, and engaging them with distinguished presenters discussing topics that are critical to the methanol world today.

In 2013, MMSA introduced its MMSA European Methanol Conference with an emphasis on new and existing markets for methanol driven by policy demands, technological capabilities, and commercial viability. Held each year in Frankfurt, Germany, the conference features presentations from MMSA consultants along with industry leaders in methanol markets, process technology development, as well as academia.

After each conference, MMSA's conference webpage shows the complete list of speeches presented during each year. Registered delegates are provided with access to all conference content and presentations. Non-registered delegates can access the presentations for a fee.

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