Methanol Market Services Asia (MMSA)

Global Insight, Asian Perspective™

Globally Based

Market consultants in Singapore, Shanghai, Houston, Seattle, Germany, and the UK with over 108 combined years of industry experience and a time-tested and extensive global database extending from 1985 to 2050.

Independent Analysts

MMSA neither buys, sells, trades, brokers, nor distributes any products in the methanol supply chain, yet has clients among these groups, making the firm a trusted independent voice among global methanol market players.

Global insight

Since 2004, MMSA has provided report and conference services along with single-client (proprietary, tailored) services to its global clientele.

MMSA Services

MMSA offers a variety of annual, monthly, and weekly report services.
Services may be viewed by selecting an item from the grid, below.  Login is required for most items.
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Methanol & Derivatives Analysis (MDA)

A comprehensive, 700+ page annual analysis, with quarterly updates and Methanol Notes™ Service

Methanol Market Weekly Analysis (MMWA)

Weekly novel and comprehensive analysis of global methanol markets by global MMSA staff

China Methanol Monthly Analysis (CMMA)

Comprehensive information of key factors influencing Chinese methanol markets incl. coal, cost curves, affordability, MTO markets, demand, trade, and more

MMSA Price Forecast Service

Methanol and methanol chain database in major global markets spanning from history from 1985 to forecasts to 2050

MMSA Supply & Demand Forecasts

Supply & Demand forecasts for methanol, formaldehyde, acetic acid, MMA, DME and other methanol derivatives from 2000 - 2050E

Methanol Notes™

One-page commentaries and analysis of critical methanol and derivatives issues issued weekly

Methanol Plant Panorama

Proprietary Services are Available

Tailored to a specific need for analysis or advice. For more information click "Service Information" below.

Other MMSA Offerings

Proprietary Studies

Market Chains

Due Diligence Support

Single Client Studies


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MMSA Conferences

23rd IMPCA Asian Methanol Conference
Singapore, Nov. 2020

7th Methanol Technology and Policy Commercial Congress
Germany, Dec. 2020


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