MMSA prepares detailed, global Supply and Demand Forecasts for methanol and key consumers formaldehyde, acetic acid, MTBE, and MMA. The balances cover a period including five years of history, and five years of forecast. Supply is broken down by capacity to produce, actual production, operating rate, and imports. Demand is broken down by key derivative for each product and includes exports. All major methanol producing countries and regions are summed to a world balance. Global methanol trade is balanced each year, and global supply and demand are balanced in the forecast years. MMSA is able to provide clients of this service a detailed methodology of the balances. Separately, MMSA is able to provide balances from 2000 - 2050E. Please visit the MMSA Service Inquiries page to request supply and demand balances covering years longer than five years back and five years forward.

New forecasts are updated at the end of each calendar quarter. If you are an existing client of this report, visit your Client Dashboard to view or download the report. New customers, please visit the MMSA Service Inquiries page for information on how to subscribe to this forecast.

Supply and Demand Forecast