Methanol Market Services Asia (MMSA)

MMSA was established in 2004 at its current headquarters in Singapore. In its 17th year of operation, the company provides leading independent analysis to the global methanol industry (all major global methanol producers, consumers, traders, process licensors, catalyst suppliers, and other ancillary industries). MMSA is employee-owned and staffed with experienced industry chemical engineers and market consultants in Singapore, Shanghai, Houston, Seattle, Germany and the UK.

The firm does not buy, sell, trade, broker, or distribute any products in the methanol supply chain (from natural gas and coal to methanol derivatives), and is a trusted independent voice among global buyers and sellers of methanol.

Through several multi-client services and hundreds of single-client (proprietary, tailored) services, the firm has developed a reputation as a business solution provider and thought leader in addition to a fair voice in the market.

MMSA single-client services have included support of financial adviser efforts in fundraising for new facilities, existing assets, mergers and acquisitions (including valuation), and other bankable studies.

MMSA Staff and Consultants

Managing Director
Mr. Mark Berggren

Office Manager
Ms. Hemalata Sinniah

Mr. James Xie


Global Multiclient Support Manager
Ms. Marybeth Maloy Gebauer

Managing Director, Proprietary Studies
Mr. Simon Maddren

Oslo, Norway
Senior Consultant 
Mr. Kristian Aas