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MMSA specializes in global methanol, acetic acid, and formaldehyde market and technical analysis, tracking the demand for all major derivatives of these strategically important and versatile petrochemicals. 

MMSA services are targeted to clients needing efficient and comprehensive assessments of the market and technical risks associated with petrochemical operations in Asia. These clients come from a broad range of the Asian petrochemical industry, including senior management, functional management, and financial interests. The ability of MMSA to listen to client needs, assisting them to quickly and objectively assess bottom-line affecting elements of petrochemical markets and operations, is the cornerstone of MMSA value.


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24/03/2015 Global Methanol Prices – Update on Outlook
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24/02/2015 Biodiesel Policy and Economics Update
17/02/2015 Methanol Prices: CFR versus Import Parity
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03/02/2015 China Methanol Production by Province
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20/01/2015 MDA 1Q2015 Supply and Demand Update
13/01/2015 Methanol Cash Costs and Price Floors
06/01/2015 Impact of Crude Oil on Methanol Pricing: Squeezed Between MTO and Coal
31/12/2014 Top