Formaldehyde is the largest single derivative of methanol, accounting for 26% of the 92 million tonnes of methanol produced in 2018. Formaldehyde is a highly versatile chemical intermediate used in the production of many strategically important productsThese include: adhesives for wood panels, laminates and furniture frames; polyurethane foams for building and construction, automobiles and furniture; thermoplastics for high performance engineering applications and household electrics; polyols for surface coatings and textiles; and an additive to fertilisers. Formaldehyde is an essential component of the modern petrochemical industry. 

Growth in formaldehyde demand typically follows GDP growth on a global basis. Asia accounts for more than half of world demand and China more than half of Asian demand. Global growth in formaldehyde demand will predominantly be in Asia but modest growth will also be seen in North America and Europe, servicing local consumers. 

MMSA maintains a detailed global database of formaldehyde producers and consumers. It has provided one-off, proprietary studies into this global industry and specific companies operating within it. MMSA can assist companies or financial institutions with existing investments or looking to make future investments in this industry. MMSA can provide an efficient and objective assessment of the outlook for that investment in several forms: 

 Market (Supply and Demand) Analysis 

  • Price Outlook / Margin Analysis 
  • Technology Review 
  • Valuation 
  • Viability, Pre-Feasibility Assessments