Methanol Market Services Asia (MMSA) authors the Methanol and Derivatives Analysis (MDA), a unique and unprecedented look into the past and future of global methanol markets, written with attention to the very strategically important Asian region.

This 700-page, color printed book provides an abundance of data, summarization, and analysis on the commercial and technical issues on a level not previously available.

Clients of the MDA will receive complimentary issues of Methanol Notes which are one-page summaries of topical items intended to keep clients current and well informed.

Features of the MDA include:

  • Unique integration of Methanol, Formaldehyde, POM, Acetic Acid, VAM, MTBE, MMA and many other methanol chain products
  • Complete global balances for Acetic Acid and Derivatives, Formaldehyde and Derivatives, integrated into methanol balances
  • Demand growth rationale
  • Past, present, and future market sources and rates of growth for: Methanol and derivatives
  • Formaldehyde and derivatives
  • Acetic acid and derivatives
  • MTBE, MMA, Methyl Chloride, Methanethiol, Methylamines
  • Alternative fuel and developing applications: gasoline blends, biodiesel, fuel cells, gas to  olefins (via methanol), coal to olefins (via methanol)
  • Factors influencing supply of methanol in Asia
  • New project plans and sponsors
  • Methanol production economics for natural gas and coal processes
  • Options for supplying China, including coal based production
  • Detailed trade of methanol and acetic acid
  • Logistics characteristics and capabilities
  • Major methanol ports in Asia
  • Storage capabilities
  • Methanol distribution basics in Asia
  • Strategic implications of forecast
  • Price and margin expectations

This study will provide benefits across the methanol value chain. Natural gas producers and coalmine operators in China will gain valuable perspective on the ability to grow their businesses. Methanol manufacturers will be presented an itemized look into the key growth areas, augmenting their ability to plan.

Methanol consumers will be able to look upstream and at alternative uses for methanol and methanol derivatives, which will assist in plans for procurement and market positioning. Methanol traders and distributors will be able to reference the study and further their important knowledge of markets.

Methanol and Derivatives Analysis (MDA) 2017 – Click on link to view Table of Contents.

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