MMSA has organized the International Methanol Producer and Consumer Association (IMPCA) Asian Methanol Conference since 2006. This event attracts a broad-based set of delegates from around the world, distributed evenly between suppliers, consumers, traders, and other services, and engaging them with distinguished presenters discussing topics that are critical to the methanol world today.

In 2013, MMSA introduced the MMSA European Conference with an emphasis on methanol technology, projects and industry innovation.  Held each year in Frankfurt, Germany, the conference features presentations from leaders in methanol  research and development, academia and industry.

After each conference, MMSA's conference webpage shows the complete list of speeches presented during each year. Registered delegates are provided with access to all conference content and presentations. Non-registered delegates can access the presentations for a fee.

2020 International Methanol Conference – Looking Beyond The Pandemic

Date: October 21st – 22nd 2020


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MMSA's Asian Methanol Conference for IMPCA, Asia's International Methanol Events Listing:

Past Conference Themes Include...

2019     Hopes and Fears Behind Olefins made from Methanol

2018     Sustaining Methanol Demand Growth

2017     Asian Methanol: In the Time of Olefins

2016     Asian Methanol: Growing Demand, Shrinking Margins

2015     Asian Methanol: Concerns in a Growing Market

2014     China drives towards Global growth of Methanol

2013     Methanol 2013: Improved Hydrocarbon Monetization

2012     Asian Methanol: Innovation and Growth

2011     Asian Methanol Markets: Calming a Turbulent World

2010     Asian Methanol: Leading Global Demand Growth via Innovation in Energy Applications

2009     Asia’s Dominant Role in Global Methanol Markets - The Path Ahead

2008     Methanol for Fuels & Chemical Feedstocks - Will Asia Succeed Where The US Hasn’t?

2007     Methanol in Asia: Growing Use for Acetic Acid, Formaldehyde & Methanol for Fuels

2006     Asian Methanol – The Supply Paradox

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