22nd IMPCA Asian Methanol Conference

The 22rd IMPCA Asian Methanol Conference was held in Singapore in November, 2019

Mark Berggren addressing the 22nd conferenceSession 1: General Session

  • Global Methanol – State of the Industry
    Mark Berggren, Managing Director, MMSA
  • Asian Methanol – China and the Rest
    Simon Maddren, Head of Single Client Studies, MMSA
  • Panel Discussion: MacroEconomy and Methanol
    Wood Mackenzie, Cowen & Company and MMSA

Session 2: China – Making Olefins from Methanol

  • MTO/CTO: Boom or Doom?
    Paul Pang, Chief Technology Officer, Wison Engineering Ltd.
  • MTO – The Manufacturer Perspective
    Ji Xiaoqin, Methanol Procurement Manager, Shenghong Petrochemcial
  • MTO from the Investor Perspective
    Charles Neivert, Managing Director, Cowen & Company

Session 3: Traditional Methanol Derivatives

  • DK&A’s Forward View on Global Gasoline and Ethers Markets – Challenges & Opportunities Ahead
    Dieter Krumbach, Owner, Head Consultant, DK & Associates Consultancy
  • Indian Methanol Market: Supply, Demand and Future + Formaldehyde in India
    Karan Gupta, Director, BK Sales
  • European Methanol – Reliant on Asian Markets
    Wolfgang Seuser, VP Multiclient Studies, MMSA

Session 4: Developing Methanol Derivatives

  • New Methanol Markets – Global Progress
    Chris Chatterson, Chief Operating Officer, Methanol Institute
  • A Journey through the Forest: Navigating around the complexities of a Methanol Project
    Dr. Matthias Stein, Director Marketing Chemicals, Air Liquide – Lurgi Technologies
  • India Methanol Economy Grand Plans in Early Stages
    Simon Maddren, Head of Single Client Studies, MMSA

Session 5: Logistics and Services

  • Methanol Shipping Markets
    Karan Grover, Chartering Manager, Quincannon Asia Pte Limited
  • Methanol Derivatives in Singapore
    William Prajogo, Commodities, Singapore Exchange (SGX)
  • Methanol as a Marine Fuel
    Rungtawan Tangphongprasit, Senior Consultant, NEXANT

Session 6: Process Technology

  • Improving Methanol Plant Efficiency  New development
    Bo Hartvigsen, Product Line Director for Ammonia & Methanol segment, Haldor Topsoe A/S
  • Process Technology Updates
    Andrew Fenwick, Methanol Marketing Manager, Johnson Matthey
  • The Next Level of Process Optimization for Methanol (and MTP)
    Norbert Ringer, Global Methanol Director, Clariant (Produkte) Deutschland GmbH

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