December 5, 2018
The Westin Grand Hotel, Frankfurt

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Session 1:

Methanol’s Present Future
Mark Berggren, Managing Director, MMSA

CO2 based Advanced Methanol Synthesis
Prof. Dr. ir. E.L.V. Earl Goetheer, TNO Innovation for Life – The Netherlands

AdWinCombinedTM, a striking innovation for the coproduction of Methanol and Ammonia
Christopher Frank – Thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions

Session 2:

Enhanced Lurgi MegaMethanolTM
Dr. Matthias Stein – Airliquide – Lurgi, Frankfurt

Implications of Policy Changes for Methanol – A Global Overview
Eelco Dekker, Methanol Institute – Bruxelles

Pathways to Green Methanol
Prof. Dr. Hans-Martin Henning and Dr. Achim Schaadt, Fraunhofer Institute – Germany

Session 3:

Observing catalyst dynamics under working conditions
Dr. Marc Willinger – ETH University – Zürich – Switzerland

How to minimize the environmental impact from shipping
Per Stefenson – StenaLine Sweden

Evaluation of Methanol as Fuel for Passenger Ships
Daniel Sahnen – MEYER WERFT – Germany

Session 4:

Technical Photosynthesis employing Single Step Direct Electrocatalytic Reduction of CO2 toward CO and Hydrocarbons
Dr. Dan Taroata, Siemens AG – Corporate Technology – Germany

Profitability of Methanol Production within an integrated Steel Mill avoiding CO2 Emissions
Dr. Günter Harp – Harp Process Chemistry Consulting

BioMethanol will Fuel the Future
Gijs Bakker – Heveskes Energy – The Netherlands

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