MMSA specializes in global methanol, acetic acid, and formaldehyde market and technical analysis, tracking the demand for all major derivatives of these strategically important and versatile petrochemicals. 

MMSA services are targeted to clients needing efficient and comprehensive assessments of the market and technical risks associated with petrochemical operations in Asia. These clients come from a broad range of the Asian petrochemical industry, including senior management, functional management, and financial interests. The ability of MMSA to listen to client needs, assisting them to quickly and objectively assess bottom-line affecting elements of petrochemical markets and operations, is the cornerstone of MMSA value.

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Recent Topics:

24/09/2013US Methanol Apparent Demand
17/09/2013Methanol and DME Cash Margins
10/09/2013Methanol Prices: CFR versus Import Parity
03/09/2013Japan, South Korea and Taiwan Methanol Demand Update
27/08/2013Southeast Asia Biodiesel Economic
20/08/2013Asian Methanol Contract Pricing
13/08/2013Methanol Affordability Update 
06/08/2013China Effective Operating Rate Analysis
30/07/2013China Methanol Apparent Demand Update
23/07/2013Methanol Cash Costs and Natural Gas Affordability
16/07/2013MTBE Price and Margin Update 
09/07/2013Methanol Supply and Demand, Pricing Outlook Update - 3Q2013
03/07/2013Global 1, 4 BDO Supply and Demand 
25/06/2013Global Methanol Capacity Additions - 2013 MDA
18/06/2013Methanol and DME Pricing
11/06/2013Methanol Trade Outlook
04/06/2013Methanol Affordability Update
28/05/2013Methanol - Gasoline Specifications in China
21/05/2013 Global Methylamines Supply & Demand Snapshot 
14/05/2013Effective versus Nameplate Operating Rates
07/05/2013Methanol Value Creation
02/05/2013Global Acetic Acid Update
23/04/2013 Global Formaldehyde Outlook Update
16/04/2013MMSA 2013 Methanol and Derivatives Analysis Update
09/04/2013MTO Project Forecast
02/04/2013China Methanol Apparent Demand
26/03/2013 China Methanol Production by Province 
19/03/2013US Shale Gas and Its Effect on Methanol
14/03/2013 Methanol to Olefins Economics Update
05/03/2013Chinese Domestic verus US and European Spot Methanol Prices
26/02/2013China Acetic Acid Apparent Demand and Market Outlook
19/02/2013Japan, South Korea and Taiwan Methanol Demand Update
12/02/2013Methanol and Gasoline Blending in China - 2013 Outlook
05/02/2013MMSA China Monthly Methanol Analysis - January 2013 Executive Summary
29/01/2013Methanol Affordability Update
22/01/2013Methanol Cash Costs and Natural Gas Affordability
15/01/2013Methanol Demand Growth by Major Global Region
08/01/2013China Methanol Apparent Demand Growth Update – Return to “Normal” 
03/01/2013Methanol Supply and Demand, Pricing Outlook Update – 1Q2013
31/12/2012Top Ten 2012 Methanol Developments
18/12/2012 Methanol to Olefins (MTO) Economics Update 
11/12/2012China Gasoline Consumption Tax and Methanol
04/12/2012Methanol Prices: CFR versus Import Parity
27/11/2012China Methanol Production by Province
20/11/2012Methanol and Cancer
30/10/2012China Methanol Storage
23/10/2012China Monthly Methanol Analysis - October 2012 Executive Summary
16/10/2012MTBE Price and Margins 
09/10/2012 Methanol Use in Energy Applications – China versus the Rest of the World - Update 
02/10/2012Methanol Supply and Demand, Pricing Outlook Update – 4Q2012
25/09/2012 Methanol Cash Costs and Natural Gas Affordability 

Methanol to Olefins (MTO) Economics Update 

11/09/2012Japan, South Korea and Taiwan Demand Update
04/09/2012China Methanol Apparent Demand Growth Deceleration
28/08/2012 China Coal vs Crude - Impact on Methanol
21/08/2012Methanol Affordability Update
14/08/2012 Methanol and DME Cash Margins 
07/08/2012China Methanol Production by Province
31/07/2012 Global Acetic Acid Update
24/07/2012Methanol Delivered Cash Costs to China 
17/07/2012 MTBE Price and Margins
10/07/2012Methanol Use in Energy Applications – China versus the Rest of the World 
03/07/2012 Methanol Supply and Demand, Pricing Outlook Update – 3Q2012
26/06/2012Methanol v LNG - Hydrocarbon Monetization 
19/06/2012Methanol and Gasoline Blending in China
12/06/2012Methanol to Olefins (MTO) Economics Update 
05/06/2012China Methanol Apparent Demand Update
29/05/2012Methanol and DME Cash Margins
23/05/2012Methanol and Gasoline - CAAEFA In Taiyuan, China
15/05/2012Methanol Affordability and Pricing
08/05/2012Energy and Methanol: Chinese Inputs, Global Outcome
02/05/20122012 MDA - Global MMA Update
25/04/2012 Global Acetic Acid Update 
17/04/20122012 MDA - Global Formaldehyde
10/04/2012 North American Visit
03/04/20122Q2012 Methanol & Derivatives Analysis Update
27/03/2012Asia ex China Update - Part 2, Japan and South Korea 
20/03/2012Asia ex China Update – Part 1, Thailand and Taiwan
13/03/2012China Acetic Acid Apparent Demand and Market Outlook
06/03/2012Methanol to Olefins Economics: An Updated Review
28/02/2012 Methanol, DME, and LPG Pricing Trends 
21/02/2012 US Methanol Apparent Demand 
14/02/2012 Methanol and Gasoline Blending in China – 2012 Outlook 
07/02/2012 Methanol Cash Costs and Natural Gas Affordability 
31/01/2012 MTBE Profitability and Demand Growth 
26/01/2012Global Methanol Market - Demand Growth and Outlook
17/01/2012Effective Global Methanol Operating Rates
10/01/2012Methanol Affordability and Pricing Direction
04/01/20121Q2012 Methanol & Derivatives Analysis Update
27/12/2011A New Year for Methanol
20/12/2011South Korea MeOH Demand Update and Geopolitical Dynamics
13/12/2011China Methanol Apparent Demand and Iranian Imports
06/12/2011 Acetic Acid Market Outlook - Prices & Margins 
29/11/2011Thailand and Indonesia Methanol Demand Update
22/11/2011Japan and Taiwan Methanol Demand Update 
15/11/2011Effective MeOH Plant Operating Rates in China
08/11/2011 Highlights of the 14th IMPCA Asian Methanol Conference 2011 
25/10/2011Updated Methanol to Olefins Economics 
18/10/2011 Updated MeOH Affordability in DME 
11/10/2011Coal Price Movements & Its Influence on MeOH 
04/10/20114Q 2011 Methanol and Derivatives Analysis Update 
27/09/2011Updated Singapore MeOH and Derivatives Trade Patterns
20/09/20119th Methanol Forum Overview
13/09/2011China Roads and Methanol
06/09/2011Europe and Russia Methanol Market Outlook 2011
31/08/2011Updated US Methanol Apparent Demand
23/08/2011China Wood Based Panels Update
16/08/2011Methanol and Ethanol as Alternative Fuels in China 
10/08/2011China Methanol Apparent Demand - A Look Forward
02/08/2011China Acetic Acid Apparent Demand
26/07/2011South Korea and Thailand Apparent Demand Update
19/07/2011Southeast Asia Biodiesel - Economic and Demand Dynamics 
12/07/2011 Methanol To Olefins Economics - An Updated Review 
05/07/20113Q2011 Methanol & Derivatives Analysis Update 
28/06/2011 Singapore MeOH & Derivatives Trade Patterns 
21/06/2011Methanol Apparent Demand Update - Japan and Taiwan 
14/06/2011 Methanol Affordability and Pricing Direction
07/06/2011Coal versus Energy Prices: Impact on Methanol
31/05/2011 Methanol Apparent Demand & Trade in China
24/05/2011Southeast Asia Biodiesel Economic Update
16/05/2011 MeOH Affordability in DME – Update 
10/05/2011Recent Developments in Methanol Blends with Gasoline 
03/05/20112011 MDA - Global Acetic Acid
26/04/2011Higher Cost Methanol and Impact on Natural Gas Affordability 
19/04/2011 2011 MDA - Global Formaldehyde
12/04/2011 2Q2011 Methanol Price Outlook
05/04/2011 2Q2011 Methanol and Derivatives Analysis Update 
29/03/2011 Japan Economic Growth and Methanol 
22/03/2011 Impact of Japan Earthquake on Methanol 
15/03/2011 Coal Price Movements & Its Influence on MeOH
08/03/2011 Methanol Trade Flow in Asia 
01/03/2011 US Methanol Apparent Demand 
22/02/2011 Civil Unrest and Methanol 
15/02/2011 Coal versus Energy Prices: Impact on Methanol 
08/02/2011 China LPG Apparent Demand: Influence on DME 
01/02/2011 Asia ex-China Methanol Market - Recent Developments and Outlook 


Updated China MeOH Apparent Demand and Trade 


Singapore MeOH & Derivatives Trade Patterns 

11/01/2011 MTO Economic Update 
04/01/2011 1Q2011 Methanol & Derivatives Analysis Update 

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