November 29 – December 1, 2016
The Westin Grand Hotel, Frankfurt

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Session 1:  General Session

Welcome and Opening Remarks – The Wonderful, Wide World of Methanol
Mark Berggren, Managing Director, MMSA

The Sun in the Tank? Scope & Limitations of Green Fuels from the Viewpoint of Chemistry
Professor Dr. Martin Bertau, TU Bergakademie Freiberg

Methanol to Fuel – Global Update – Progress and Barriers
Gregory Dolan, CEO, Methanol Institute

Session 2:  OME – Oxymethylenether – in Focus

Routes from Methanol to OMEs – State of the Art and Future Potentials
Professor Dr. Jörg Sauer, Institute of Catalysis Research and Technology (IKFT)

Recent Developments in OME Production Technology
Jun. Prof. Dr. Jakob Burger – Managing Director OME Technologies GmbH
Co-Author: Torsten Dittmer – Operations Director INEOS Melamines GmbH

Methanol Cost Analysis
Dr. Ludolf Plass, Methanol Senior Consultant

Session 3:  Methanol to Fuel Development on the Road and on Water

CO2 based value chains in existing industries
Christian von Olshausen, Managing Director SUNFIRE

Methanol Economy Development in Israel and other countries
Ganit Shter Bar Joshua – Marketing Manager, Dor Group

Alternative Liquid Fuel for Shipping – update
Per Stefenson, Technical Director StenaLine

Session 4: CO2 Management as Feedstock for Methanol and Chemical Production

Innovative combined process for the CO2 conversion into fuels and chemicals via methanol as intermediate
Dr. Lenard-Istvan Csepei, Fraunhofer Institute

Practical experience of implementing large scale CO2-to-methanol production and sales
Benedikt Stefánsson, Director of Business Development, Carbon Recycling International (CRI)

CERNOL – Battery for Electricity – Update
Professor Dr. Edgar Harzfeld, Stralsund University of Applied Sciences

Session 5: OME – Oxymethylenether – in Focus

Stepping to the Future of Combustion Engines
Wolfgang Maus, WM Engineering & Consulting, Co-Author Dr. Eberhard Jacob

Standardization of OME for Fuel Use
Dr. Thomas Wilharm, Managing Director, ASG Analytik-Service Gesellschaft
Co-Author Dr. Eberhard Jacob

Pollution Abatement and Energy Saving in Transport
Lars Mönch, Scientific Director, German Federal Environment Agency
(presented by Reinhard Herbener, Scientific Assistant)

Session 6:  Chemistry and Alternative Energy Options

Electrical Cars and Battery Technology
Eckhard Fahlbusch, Fahlbusch Consulting

Increasing MeOH Plant Profitability by Using Optimized Sour Gas Shift Design
Stephan Eckle, Clariant Produkte (Dt.) GmbH

Methanol – European Outcomes Including New Uses
Wolfgang Seuser, VP Europe, MMSA

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