20th IMPCA Asian Methanol Conference 

Location: The Regent Hotel, Singapore
Dates: November 7th – 9th, 2017

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Methanol players from the global industry will again gather in Singapore this November at the industry’s only internationally focused Asian methanol event. It has been clear for a decade that the Asian region is dictating the fate of global methanol markets; this year the focus will be on the sustainability of markets for methanol in Asia, where current pricing levels are threatening the viability of applications that have driven growth, especially methanol-to-olefins and methanol in transportation fuels. The event has become a “must-attend” program as the world’s major commercial participants can cost-effectively network, meet, and prepare for the following year’s business. Topics will include:

  • Coal and Energy Outlooks
  • Global Methanol Market Analyses (including focus on China, India, Southeast Asia, North America, and Europe) by seasoned MMSA consultants and select others
  • Progress on the “Methanol Bridge” from the Americas (especially US) to China
  • MTO process technology and economics
  • Use of methanol in transportation and fuel in China (including direct combustion, blends, MTBE, OME, biodiesel, others)
  • The steadily growing Indian methanol market
  • MTA process technology and economics
  • Distribution in Southeast Asian markets
  • Regulatory issues in Asia
  • Methanol process technology and economics

MMSA has created unique opportunities to present, sponsor, and attend this conference – please contact us at services@methanolmsa.com or +65 6465 2720 to secure one of these slots if you have not already. MMSA will also hold a limited number of hotel rooms for guests at the award-winning Regent Hotel. Additionally, IMPCA members will enjoy discounts at a minimum; please contact IMPCA at http://my.impca.eu for information, and contacts for membership.

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For any further clarifications, please do not hesitate to contact us directly at either +65 6465 2720 or services@methanolmsa.com.